Prof Geraldine Boylan
In4kids Lead |
INFANT Centre Director |
Professor of Neonatal Physiology
Prof. Eleanor Molloy
In4kids co-lead |
Consultant Neonatologist |
Chair and Professor of Paediatrics
Prof Imelda Coyne
Co-Director of Trinity Research in Childhood Centre |
Professor of Children’s Nursing
Mandy Daly
Director of INHA
Prof. Eugene Dempsey
Horgan Chair in Neonatology  |
Consultant Neonatologist
Prof. Declan Devane
Chair of Health Research Methodology |
Director of HRB-Trials Methodology Research Network
Prof Jonathan Hourihane
Professor of Paediatrics |
Consultant Paediatrician 
Prof. Paul McNally
Director of Research and Innovation at CHI
Prof. Deirdre Murray
Consultant Paediatrician |
Professor in Paediatrics and Child Health
Prof Colm O’Donnell
Consultant Neonatologist
Prof Mark Turner
Adjunct Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health