Cerebral Palsy Parents Advisory Group (CP-PAG)

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a commonly occurring physical disability that affects children, lasting throughout their lives. Unfortunately, individuals with CP often encounter considerable and avoidable difficulties in their daily routines, such as movement, speech, and other bodily functions.

In Ireland, it is estimated that around 150 babies are diagnosed with CP each year, and approximately 3,000 children and young adults, along with 9,500 adults, are living with CP. By providing early intervention and appropriate care, we can greatly enhance the long-term prospects and overall well-being of those living with CP.

Who can join our CP-PAG?

If you’re a parent or guardian who has experience caring for a child with Cerebral Palsy (CP), we invite you to join the Parent Advisory Group (PAG).

This group aims to represent the voices of parents who have firsthand knowledge and experience as caregivers and users of services for children with CP. By being part of the CP-PAG, you can make a valuable contribution to research in areas that directly relate to your own experiences. Your input is not limited to determining which research studies are conducted; you can also provide advice on every step of the research process, from initial ideas to sharing the final results and beyond.

Your perspective is highly valued and will help ensure that the research is meaningful and relevant to families like yours.

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Early Detection & Intervention for Cerebral Palsy in Ireland (EDI-CPI)


EDI-CPI is a national research programme that aims to reduce the age of Cerebral Palsy diagnosis in Ireland to under 12 months. 

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