In4kids is a HRB funded Irish Network for Children’s Clinical Trials

About us


In4kids is a national paediatric clinical research network funded by Health Research Board (HRB).

Children are not just small adults – they have distinct physiologic, developmental, and psychological characteristics. They deserve and must have the same access to high quality, evidence-based (from paediatric studies) health care as adults.

Building on more than 20 years’ experience of clinical trials in the paediatric population, and through increased and enhanced collaboration amongst the paediatric research community in Ireland, In4kids will develop the national capacity for high-quality, ethical paediatric clinical research. In addition, as the national hub for the pan-European project – Conect4Children (c4c), In4kids will consolidate our existing infrastructure and ensure we maintain our place at the international forefront of children’s clinical research.

We welcome all of the Paediatric research community across Ireland to join us, by becoming members of the network. Benefits of this are access to the members only platform of bespoke supports and tools for conducting paediatric research, increased opportunities to collaborate on national clinical research projects and being kept informed on the recent advances in national and international paediatric research. Find out more here.



  • Grow a dynamic and sustainably resourced national network with international reach and impact
  • Increase the quantity and quality of paediatric clinical trials in Ireland
  • Maintain and strengthen existing collaborations both nationally and internationally
  • Establish best-practice in Public & Patient Involvement

Children must have at least the same access to high quality, evidence-based medication and health care services as adults


Better medicines, medical devices & interventions for babies, children & young people in Ireland