What is a Young Persons’ Advisory Group?

A Young Persons’ Advisory Group (YPAG) is a group made up of children and young people actively participating as partners, giving advice to researchers and their teams on different research projects and initiatives.

YPAG members are made up of children and young people who have experience of being in hospital, or being part of a clinical trial, directly or indirectly (for example a sibling or a friend). Young people who are interested in science, medicine and research can also be members.

What does a Young Persons’ Advisory Group do?

There are lots of different things that YPAGs and its members can get involved in. Here are some examples:

  • Working with researchers on different health research projects.
  • Designing information leaflets that are interesting for young people.
  • Attending conferences and other meetings representing the YPAG.
  • Raising awareness of health research and the work of the YPAG on social media.
  • Attending courses and providing training to researchers and healthcare workers on how to incorporate the voice of young people in their work.

When does our YPAG meet?

YPAG meetings usually take place every 4 to 6 weeks online with in-person meetings 5/6 per year on a Saturday in different places around the country.

Who runs our YPAG?

Our YPAG is a joint, national initiative between In4kids and the Children’s Health Ireland Clinical Research Centre. Both groups are funded by the Health Research Board. 

Their goal is to support our YPAG in the design and delivery of child health research in Ireland.

Would you like to join our YPAG? 

Follow the link below to our application form

YPAG Application Form


The National YPAG is a joint initiative between In4Kids and Children’s Health Ireland Clinical Research Centre (CHI-CRC)