About us

in4kids is a National Children’s Research Network for Ireland.


In4kids is a strong Irish network which promotes collaboration among the paediatric research community in Ireland and increases our national capacity for high-quality, ethical clinical research.

In4kids builds on existing national and EU investment.

We work with Children’s Health Ireland, Clinical Trial Facilities, Clinical Research Coordination Ireland, Higher Education Institutes and Hospital sites across Ireland.

We are currently building our network to encompass more partners for children’s research and to ensure we have a sustainable network in  Ireland that can support a large portfolio of clinical studies  for children.

Aims of network

Children must have at least the same access to high quality and evidence-based medication and health care services as adults


→ to build a sustainable clinical trial network for Ireland

→ to support researchers in Ireland to develop and deliver a portfolio of high-quality clinical trials that will benefit children’s health.

→ integrate a strong education and training programme, a young person’s advisory group providing a voice for children and a robust public engagement platform.