Algorithm for Neonatal Seizure Recognition

Seizures are the most common neurological emergency in the neonatal period than any other time in life. Neonatal continuous electroencephalography  (EEG) monitoring has increased but neurophysiologist expertise is not available 24/7.

A multidisciplinary group of scientists, clinicians & engineers in INFANT Centre have been working for a number of years to develop an algorithm for neonatal seizure detection.

ANSeR is an algorithm that “reviews” in real time the EEG recording, detects electrographic seizures and alerts the healthcare team. Seizure recognition by the clinical team has improved with the support of ANSeR, which may lead to better long-term outcomes for newborns who have had a difficult start in life. 

A multicentre trial funded by the Wellcome Trust under a Strategic Translational Award, was conducted across several European Neonatal Intensive Care Units to validate ANSeR’s usefulness as a support tool for healthcare providers in real time  and in a real clinical setting.

The aim of the ANSeR algorithm is to give every newborn at risk of having seizures an “expert opinion” when they need it. 


A machine learning algorithm for neonatal seizure recognition: a multicentre, randomised, controlled trial.

Andreea M Pavel, Janet M Rennie, Linda S de Vries, Mats Blennow, Adrienne Foran, Divyen K Shah et al

Published: August 2020       DOI:

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